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Future Works and the Roadmap

We have a strong product roadmap ahead and a top team to execute a solid vision to build a unique Blockchain-Agnostic operating system where users can monetise their computers using experiences and spread the power of blockchain as the lead technology in the information and communication technology industry. In the short term, we are launching the Katheer NFTs marketplace after the presale period, which will complement the official Katheer Project public launch. As such, we expect to have KAH available for individuals and corporations to increase liquidity and availability to collaborate with the community's growth and ecosystem flow.
Concerning the proposed KAH offering, the community of the developers and the future Katheer Project users will need access to KAH. We plan to make it accessible to the community through multiple ways after the presale period with controllable supply mechanisms, such as purchasing KAH from various exchanges.
As the community increases in terms of the number of developers, holders and assets exchanged in the Marketplace, there might be an increased need for KAH within the ecosystem. Therefore, while the total supply of KAH is fixed, the initial amount of KAH offered will provide a scarcity effect, reducing the available per capita and fostering demand.
The initial roadmap of the Katheer Project will be as the following:
Phase 01 (before Presale):
· Initial website launch
· KAH Token created
· Smart Contract Publishing
· BSCscan Verification
· Prototype Katheer OS
· Launch social media accounts
· Initial Whitepaper
· Katheer Limited NZ Foundation launch
· Katheer Limited Office ready in Auckland, New Zealand
· Katheer Contract check by Techrate
· Presale Announcement and Publish
· Initial marketing for Presale
· The Katheer Project core team is ready
· Start negotiations with large-size software development companies
· Liquidity Contract Planning
· Smart Contract Analysis Completed
Phase 02 (within two months after Presale):
· Update the main website
· Update the social media accounts
· Update the Whitepaper
· Add the liquidity to PancakeSwap
· LP Locked forever
· Katheer Contract Full Audit
· Public Sales Announcement
· Market Research, Audience, Expansion, Client Deal
· Marketing Strategy
· Start the marketing
· Token info and logo on BscScan
· Agreements with large-size software development companies
· The Katheer Project team expanding
· Prototype Katheer OS Updated
Phase 03 (within four months after Presale):
· Katheer Project Development Team Officially Assigned
· NFTs marketplace launch
· CoinMarketCap listing
· CoinGecko listing
· Start professional marketing
· Relations with Crypto YouTube and Influencers
· Brand Awareness
· Start public conferences and AMA
· Start open branches for the Katheer Limited overseas
· CertiK Audit
· Trust Wallet information update
· Website Final Map Developed
· Update the Whitepaper
Phase 04 (Fourth Quarter 2023):
· NFTs marketplace updated
· Katheer NFT Editor launch
· Start exchange listing
· Build the Katheer Voting System
· Announce the Katheer OS at multiple ICT-related conferences (1st stage of research)
· Present the Katheer OS at multiple ICT-related events around the world
· Start the voting system for the current Katheer Project product improvements
· Listing on Coinbase Asset Tracker
· Listing on LunarCrush
Phase 05 (First Quarter 2024):
· K Wallet is available on Android, iOS and Microsoft
· Launch Katheer OS Beta for Super KAH holders
· Katheer OS Security Audit
· Marketing agreements for wider audiences
Phases 06-09 (Remaining 2024):
· Launch the K Wallet Debit Card
· Launch Katheer OS 24.00 to 24.99
· Get listed on the top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges, including the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.
· Announce the Katheer OS at multiple ICT-related conferences (2nd stage of research)
· Present the Katheer OS at multiple ICT-related events around the world.
Phases 10+ (Katheer Future):
· Launch Katheer OS 25.00+
· Producing Laptops devices with Katheer OS integration
· Producing Mobile Phones with Katheer OS integration
· Integration of the Katheer OS into more devices of different types, from smart home devices to the electric car management system
Please note that the public-facing roadmap that can be viewed on our whitepaper or our website is non-exhaustive but provides a helpful overview of our vision for the immediate future of the Katheer project and ecosystem.