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Research and Finance

Proper finance management is one of the main concerns while running a business. The funds which will be obtained for Katheer Project Development will be kept secure and diversified over many assets. The Research and Finance department prepares analyses reports and sidesteps possible obstacles to fund administration. In the Katheer project, we will work on a cautious approach so our project can skip the collapses such as the collapse of the Anchor Protocol and UST, and can protect us against celsius issues, and restrain us from speculating on the funds for product development.
Research and Finance team members collect and analyse high-quality economic data to create a passive allocation strategy. Fundamental and technical analysis and examining international laws enable us to set the path for long-term development. We adapt to sudden legal regulation changes and keep up with jurisdiction trends in the countries we operate in.
These steps protect us from the bear market impact, as we aim to rely on our stable and reasonable fundamentals, not on the external environment's impact. The activities we undertake in the background aim to enhance KAH token capability!