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Aimed to become a spotless all-in-one solution for applications and games, Katheer wants to collaborate with Next Gen blockchain software development projects interested in attracting users, businesses, developers, and games players and saving their development, financial, and time resources.
What Prom can offer:
  • Feature your application or game in our Katheer OS Store and list your NFTs for sale;
  • Share Katheer API or build a full-scale white-label NFT marketplace for you;
  • Provide a rental solution for your NFTs;
  • Provide a mortgage solution for your NFT collectibles;
  • Build NFT management tools for your guild or another software/gaming development organization;
  • Become your media partner both for Web2 and Web3 audiences.
Join Katheer Partners today to take advantage of our technology, network, and expertise. Katheer Partners provides its partners access to transparent, fast, secure, decentralized, and scalable technology. We are looking to work with people and companies serious about the mass adoption of crypto, software developers, metaverse explorers, marketing partners, and those who wish to place our scanners worldwide.
For more information, please:
Read our whitepaper carefully (
Visit our documentation page (
Contact Us ([email protected])