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Who is going to use the KAH token

Who is going to use the KAH token?

Katheer Operating System And Kah Nft Ecosystem: Katheer Token will be introduced to the Katheer OS ecosystem to power software purchasing, the default method of general payment inside the OS, account levelling, voting system, internal transaction, virtual gifting, games rewards, applications rewards, NFT store, subscriptions, social activities, etc...
Crypto Investors: 2019 promises to be a crucial year for investors and the crypto space alike in the domain of digital currency. Join us as we continue to provide market-leading technology in frequency control and timing solutions that will help you navigate the investment opportunities available as smartly, safely and securely as possible.
Institutional Crypto Investors & Fund Managers: Cryptocurrency funds have emerged as an alternative to Institutional Investors and Fund Managers who prefer to pour more significant capital into cryptocurrencies than average retail investors. KAH Token offers an effective approach for investors to pause between periods of investment activity, both short and long-term, without completely exiting the crypto market.