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The Katheer Token

Katheer Token (KAH) is the fundamental unit of value within the Katheer Project. KAH will be the unit that denominates transactions for providing services in the Katheer ecosystem. It will be made available as a divisible token, allowing for granular pricing. Katheer Token (KAH) will be introduced to the Katheer operating system (OS) ecosystem to power software purchasing, the default method of general payment inside the OS, account levelling, voting system, internal transaction, virtual gifting, games rewards, applications rewards, NFT store, subscriptions, social activities, etc. that makes it intrinsically tied to The Katheer Project and its value. This investment diversity allows for mitigating the risk while taking advantage of the possible non-correlated growth of the trending assets.
Katheer Token (KAH) is a BEP20 decentralised native token of the Katheer OS Protocol built on the Binance BNB blockchain with swift 5-second block times and cheaper gas fees than Ethereum issued by Katheer Limited NZ, known as KAH. KAH connects the entire Katheer OS ecosystem with all application and software scenarios that power transactions and applications on Katheer OS.
Katheer Token is a deflationary token designed to become rare over time. All holders of Katheer Token will earn more Katheer token that is automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding Katheer Token in your wallet. Watch the amount of Katheer Token grow in your wallet, as Katheer Token holders automatically receive a 1% fee from every on-chain transaction in the Katheer ecosystem. The community gets more Katheer Tokens from the fees generated by each transaction.
Katheer Token (KAH) serves as the basis for transactions within The Katheer OS and has the following uses:
  • Access The Katheer OS: KAH holders spend KAH while using the Katheer OS in terms of buying applications, using additional features, playing games, buying visual items, or customising their Avatar character; and can potentially collect KAH by being social in the Katheer OS. Creators and developers gain KAH by selling their assets, applications, games, etc. NFTs and the Katheer OS digital items sales drive demand for KAH. Moreover, artists spend KAH to upload assets to the Marketplace and buy NFTs to define Rarity and Scarcity.
  • Governance: KAH is a governance token that allows holders to participate in governance decisions of the Katheer Project, using the NFTs for power level and energy. They can exercise voting rights on critical elements such as Foundation grant attributions to the developers and feature prioritisation on the Katheer OS Roadmap. Based on their holding NFT type, KAH owners can vote themselves or delegate voting rights to other holders of their choice.
  • Holding: KAH holders can gain passive revenues by just holding their own KAH, as 1% of each transaction of KAH will be redistributed to all holders based on their holding amount.
  • Fee Capture model = 5% of all transaction volume carried out in KAH tokens (Transaction Fees) shall be allocated 20% to the Liquidity Pool, and 20% of this 5% will be burned forever, decreasing the total supply of KAH and increasing the value of it.
  • Foundation: The role of the Foundation is to support the ecosystem of The Katheer Project, offering grants to incentivise high-quality content and application production on the Katheer OS.