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Some of the Katheer OS Features

The following is just an overview of some of the Katheer OS features, knowing that more features will be added depending on the community voting and decisions:
  • Multitasking View: Workspaces help organise your work by task. Keep work and play separate, but just one swipe or tap away.
  • Picture-in-Picture: Whether you're watching a movie, game, or terminal process, Picture-in-Picture helps keep tabs on one thing while working on another.
  • Do Not Disturb: Tune everything else out to stay focused on your work or keep notifications at bay while watching a movie. Do Not Disturb stops notifications in their tracks.
  • Screen Time and Limits: Set per-user time limits for weekdays, weekends, or both, manage allowed websites, and choose which apps are safe for you or your child to access. Plus, optionally allow access with your password.
  • Secure and Privacy-respecting: When source code is available to audit, anyone - a security researcher, a concerned user, or an OEM shipping the OS on their hardware - can verify that the software is secure and not collecting or leaking personal information.
  • Built for Developers: Whether your app could benefit from a new system feature or API or you're curious about how an existing feature or design pattern was built, you have complete access to our source code. Copy it, learn from it, remix it, modify it, and redistribute it.
  • Connections: This feature allows you to connect to and use other desktops. This can be a great way to access content or software on a different desktop operating system. It can also be used as a way to provide support to users who might need help. A range of operating systems can be connected, including Linux and Windows desktops. You can also connect to virtual machines. This feature uses the widely supported VNC and RDP protocols, which must be enabled on the desktop you want to connect to.
  • Disk Usage Analyser: This feature allows you to check folder sizes and available disk space in the Katheer OS to control your disk usage and available space. Disk Usage Analyser can scan specific folders, storage devices and online accounts. It provides both a tree and a graphical representation showing the size of each folder, making it easy to identify where disk space is wasted.
  • Disk management utility: Disk management utility provides an easy way to inspect, format, partition, and configure disks and block devices so you can view SMART data, manage devices, benchmark physical disks, and image USB sticks.
  • Fonts: Fonts show the fonts installed on your computer for thumbnail use. Selecting any thumbnails shows the full view of how the font would look under various sizes. Fonts also support installing new font files downloaded in the .ttf and other formats. Fonts may be installed only for your use or made available to all users on the computer.
  • System Monitor: The system Monitor is a process viewer and system monitor with an attractive, easy-to-use interface. System Monitor can help you find out what applications are using your computer's processor or memory, manage the running applications, force stop processes not responding, and change the state or priority of existing processes. The resource graphs feature shows you a quick overview of what is going on with your computer, displaying recent network, memory and processor usage.
  • Check file hashes: It is verifying that a file you downloaded or received is the one you were expecting is often overlooked or too time-consuming to do. At the same time, getting your hands on a file that has been tampered with due to the mass increase of malicious web pages and other actors has become straightforward. This tool aims to solve that; it comes with a simple and clean UI, allowing anyone from any age and experience group to generate, compare and verify MD5, SHA-256, SHA-512 and SHA-1 hashes.
  • Identify any songs by sound: Discover songs you want to know directly by activating a small button on the Katheer OS desktop. Just click on the activation button on the desktop and then wait a few seconds. It will magically return the title and artist of that song!
  • Secure lD Protection: Secure lD Protection feature helps stop hackers from using Katheer OS user personal information to take over accounts and commit identity theft online. It protects your personal information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card numbers, by alerting you if your online services are breached and giving you specific instructions on how to recover from the incident with minimum damage. It also protects your identity by offering secure storage for all your passwords and acting as an easy-to-use password manager. It monitors the regular internet and the dark web for evidence of password breaches, credit card abuse and more. If it finds a password you use or your personal financial information in a breach, you get a notification on the Katheer OS notification bar telling you what's been compromised and giving you expert advice on what to do about it. It also includes a handy password manager, where you can create strong passwords and Store them in a secure wallet in the Katheer OS, so there's no danger of forgetting them.
  • Sharing to Nearby Devices: Nearby Sharing lets you share your videos, photos, documents and websites with people and devices close by over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Practical if, for example, you're in a meeting with colleagues and need to quickly send them a report you're looking at on your screen.
  • Connect Phone to PC: This feature can connect an Android or iOS phone to the Katheer OS, allowing users to view the photos on their phone from the comfort of a desktop and even consider call and SMS details on the computer as they arrive on the phone.
  • AutoPlay Feature: Katheer OS AutoPlay is a feature that allows newly discovered media, based on content such as images, video or music, to begin playing via the appropriate application.
  • The Cloud Clipboard: Copying and pasting is something we all do. However, what do you do if you need to copy the same few things repeatedly, and how do you copy content across your devices? The Cloud Clipboard solves both problems in a single, simple interface.
  • Storage Doctor: Storage Doctor helps keep your computer in tip-top shape by deleting unwanted content as your hard drive runs out of space - which it will inevitably do.
  • Katheer OS System Image: Backing up your files is perfectly fine, but getting everything back in order can be time-consuming if you have to wipe your hard drive and start again. However, creating a system image means restoring the entire system almost instantly.
  • Katheer OS Encrypting: There will be an option in the Katheer OS to encrypt the file system, specific folders, or files. The option can work on the Katheer OS online applications such as K Messenger and K Cloud.
  • Power Options: If you use the Katheer OS on a desktop PC, you might adjust the power options for how long the PC sleeps or when the display turns off when inactive. With a laptop, the Katheer OS power options should be something you are more familiar with.
  • Maintenance Tools: Before you add software to help with maintenance, it is worth checking out the numerous tools included with the OS. These are spread out over several menus, but once you find them, you will see that they can help with security and performance.
  • Reset or Fresh Start: Resetting a PC reinstalls the Katheer OS, with a choice to delete your files, settings and apps, and main system files. Restoring will undo recent system changes without deleting files. A Fresh Start completely removes all apps and reinstalls the Katheer OS.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) ON/OFF: Your system may be secure from any online threats, but it doesn't always mean your privacy is assured. This is where a VPN comes in, as it offers the user a heightened level of anonymity online and even another level of security and protection. Katheer OS will provide an optional 256-bit AES military-grade encryption, no logging, access to 27 countries and hundreds of servers, protected browsing, ad blocking, access to fast servers, unlimited traffic and bandwidth and an anti-fingerprint system. The VPN feature in the Katheer OS will be disabled b default and can be enabled easily from the setting section.
  • More features can be proposed based on community voting and decisions.