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Benefits of using Blockchain-Based Operating System

The creation of a decentralised blockchain-based Operating System provides multiple benefits when compared to current, non-blockchain systems, as presented in the table below [39-41]:
With Blockchain (The Katheer OS)
Without Blockchain (Windows, Mac OS, Linux Distros.. etc)
True Ownership
· Assets stored in holders' wallets through tokenisation of UGC;
· User retention of copyright in perpetuity;
· Ownership is not tied to the operating system; and
· Creative authorship is immutable.
Limited Ownership
· Assets stored in the operating system business account;
· Third parties can modify copyright limits and items;
· Ownership is tied to the operating system; and
· Creative authorship is hard to prove.
· Less fraud possibility thanks to blockchain's record-keeping technology.
· Server-based transactions; and
· High possibility of fraud (13% average).
Fair Revenue Share
· Developers and creators will receive 100% of the selling price they set for their creations; and
· Multiple creators can automatically share payments and revenue.
Limited Revenue Share
· Creators receive partial payment for items they sell; and
· Ownership is limited to the business entity.
Decentralised Trading
· Blockchain allows assets to be shared between users for collaboration; and
· Peer-to-peer trading
Centralised Trading
· A centralised system limits collaboration; and
· Third parties control all trades.