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Email Contact

There are some email contact options available. We recommend using the live chat options listed on the "Social Media & Community Channels", however, we understand those are not always ideal for some individuals.
Email responses may take slightly longer than live chat, typically between 3 and 7 business days. Do note that weekends and public holidays are not counted as business days.
Make sure that you select the correct or most relevant contact address below in order to avoid delays.

Help & Support Queries

Use this contact address for general support and questions: [email protected]

Partnerships & Mutual Collaborations

Please refer to this page for the details on how to reach out to The Katheer's partnerships team to propose a partnership or other mutually beneficial collaboration, including discussing an existing one:


To learn more about careers and opportunities within The Katheer, see the career page on the Homepage. To make a query about a career position or apply in general, use [email protected]

General Contact

Use this contact address to reach out to us about matters that do not fall into any of the above categories: [email protected]